Rent Reminders

The conversation most property managers dread We hear from many of our property management clients that there are few aspects of their jobs that are more frustrating than dealing with residents who are always late with the rent—or stop paying completely. Even the best of tenants can hit a rough spot. And, sometimes they get […]

Turnover and Employee Communication

At a time when turnover rates are expected to grow along with a strong job market, keeping the lines of communication open is critical to retaining your skilled employees. According to the third quarter 2016 ADP Job Vitality Index, wage growth among full-time workers who switched employers increased by an average of 5%. In some […]

Non-English? Non-Spanish? What About the Gap?

My son’s classmate had some great stories when he returned to the US from a nine-month total immersion foreign-language study program. Most were about his struggles with the language… how a mispronounced word or voice inflection dramatically changed meanings and create some awkward situations. That made me wonder… what is the impact on non-English speaking […]

A Cyber Attack May be Headed Your Way: Are You Ready?

On October 21, 2016, the U.S. was the victim of a massive, malicious and blindsiding assault—without a foreign machine gun, grenade launcher or tank so much as touching American soil. How is that possible? Because we’re not talking not about a physical attack, but about a cyber attack. And here’s the worst part: While this […]

Does Your Business Have a Product Recall Communication Plan in Place?

Product recalls can go one of two ways. In the first, worst-case scenario, a product is determined to be dangerous or defective; its manufacturer ignores or reacts sluggishly to the issue; people are unnecessarily put at risk; and consumer trust is irreparably damaged. In the best-case alternative, meanwhile, the manufacturer assumes responsibility; takes quick action; […]

Are Yoga Pants the New “Sunday Best”?

Generations of worshippers have donned their “Sunday best” to go to church. But what if we told you that yoga pants are now perfectly acceptable worship-wear? But don’t slide yours on and head for the door just yet. We’re talking about the increasing intersection of church and technology resulting in a growing number of congregants […]