Hurricane Matthew: What Went Wrong?

When Hurricane Matthew swept through the Southeastern United States earlier this month, it left behind extensive debris, thousands without power, and many people living in shelters. In North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, meanwhile, a total of 17 people lost their lives. Today’s storm forecast models are more advanced than ever before. So how […]

Do You Know What’s Headed Your Way This Winter?

It’s time to put those flip-flops away once and for all. Because whether you like it or not, winter’s coming, and it looks like might be a doozy. Let’s take a closer look—with a little help from the experts—at what weather to expect in the weeks and months ahead. Bundle Up, East Coast! While the […]

The Multisite Movement: What All Church Leaders Need to Know

Facing declining participation rates, a rapidly aging population, and an incoming generation of congregants with very different needs and preferences than their predecessors, today’s churches are facing unprecedented challenges. With conventional approaches no longer hitting the mark when it comes to engaging parishioners, church leaders share one overarching priority: calling more people to worship. One […]

What All Church Leaders Need to Know About Waning Church Attendance

Earlier this month thousands of churches across the country participated in “National Back to Church Sunday.” Since its inaugural observation six years ago, this massive outreach effort has encouraged millions of communities’ members to rejoin their neighbors, friends and loved ones in weekly worship. Let’s take a closer look at the campaign, along with highlighting […]