5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Budget Season

As a residential property manager, you’re likely already gearing up for the 2017 budget season. As busy as property managers are with the many hats they wear — marketing and sales, screening prospective residents, assisting with all manner of residents requests, and more — most understand that putting together a solid budget is critical for […]

Five Ways to Ensure Important Messages Get The Attention They Deserve

If yours is like most organizations, employees are overwhelmed with disruptive communication from instant messaging programs, email, phone calls and app notifications. How likely is it that employees might miss an important message such as a security alert sent through your notification service?  If the answer is “very” then read on. The following are five […]

Five Tips for Forming and Sustaining a Men’s Ministry Group

All church ministries share one overarching purpose: Regardless of age, gender or race, they exist in service of God. However, just because ministries have overlapping agendas doesn’t mean the means through which to form them are the same. In fact, depending on the type of ministry, optimal organizational strategies often vary wildly. Summer offers the […]

What All Organizations Need to Know about Active Shooter Events

Not only are active shootings equal opportunity threats to organizations and their constituents, but they’re also on the rise. The horrifying attack in Orlando earlier this month underscored the vital need for all organizations to amp up their own efforts to plan and prepare for active shooter scenarios in their own workplaces and communities. Let’s […]

Dealing with a Crisis: Planning and Execution are Key

THINKING BEYOND THE PLAN… A finely-tuned execution makes a good plan great! The midst of a crisis is not the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. People will be caught off guard. Some will panic. In most instances, there will be chaos and confusion. Dealing effectively with crises, demands leadership, planned responses and […]