Bullying – Part One

Wherever groups of children interact, bullying has a way of rearing its head. The phenomenon is widespread—but it’s also avoidable. Schools can take action against bullying behavior by working to change culture. With focus and commitment, anti-bullying programs can lead to long-term change. Bullying affects a reported 15 to 25 percent of students in the […]

The Vacation Planning Guide to Emergency Notification

The grass is green. The days are longer. The school year is over, or winding down. It’s the time of year many people begin thinking about summer vacations. Business continuity professionals are, of course, no exception. So, how can you, a person responsible for mission critical resiliency plans and emergency notification programs, really relax (at […]

Vacation Bible School Promotion and Communication, Part Two

Part One of our blog on promoting Vacation Bible School emphasized the importance of delegation in planning a large-scale event like VBS. It also discussed the huge impact of communication and promotion on the success of the event, and why these tasks can very effectively be delegated to the teens in your church community. Here’s […]

Vacation Bible School Promotion and Communication, Part One

What strikes simultaneous fear and joy in the hearts of church staff and volunteers this time of year? Yep, you guessed it, Vacation Bible School (VBS). Anyone who has been a part of planning VBS knows the vast amount of time, resources and imagination that go into making these events memorable experiences for kids. Unfortunately, […]

The Communication Hack that Could Save Your Organization Hours of Time

Especially during political seasons, I often hear friends complain about getting numerous automated calls, often referred to as “robocalls”.  Unfortunately, frustration with robocalls can interfere with general understanding of the underlying technology delivering them. While most robocalls are an annoyance, the technology used to deliver them has incredible potential to deliver messages that are urgent, […]

Part IV – Workplace Violence: Making Communication Count During a Crisis

In the first segment of our four-part blog on workplace violence, we detailed the financial cost to Virginia Tech following the campus massacre which killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in 2007. What we didn’t mention? The determination by a state panel following the shooting that had an alert been issued earlier or classes […]

What is Resilience and How Does It Fit With Business Continuity Principles?

Resilience is an important part of continuity and disaster preparedness initiatives, so important that it is the focus on a forthcoming ISO standard, ISO 22316. Learn what resilience is, why is it so important, and what the upcoming ISO 22316 will mean for management. What is Resilience? Resilience helps businesses take continuity principles out of […]

Plan the Test, Test the Plan

If your organization has an Emergency Notification Service (ENS) in place, it’s already taken an important step toward communicating faster and more effectively in critical situations. But, if the solution is not routinely “touched,” or better yet, tested, you could still be at risk in an actual emergency. Consider the following recommendations from One Call […]

Email: Friend or Foe to Today’s Organizations?

While email is one of the most common communication channels in the workplace, most workers are oversaturated with emails and spend an average of 90 minutes a day reading and responding to their email. Explore the pros and cons of email in the workplace to ensure communications are efficient and workers can stay productive and […]

Workplace Violence: Six Things Every Organization Should Consider

We’ve established that workplace violence is a very real issue facing society today. We’ve also covered the importance of forming a crisis management team while providing guidelines for establishing one within your organization. Next up in our “Workplace Violence” blog series? Highlighting a few critical steps involved in formulating an effective response to workplace violence incidences. Let’s count […]