Workplace Violence: A Look at the Numbers

Earlier this year 38-year-old Cedric Larry Ford killed four and wounded 14 others in a chaotic workplace shooting spree in Kansas. Investigators at the time were unclear of the shooter’s motive—only that there were “some things that triggered this particular individual.” While it’s easy to push aside news of these incidents with the justification, “It […]

What Everyone Can Learn from Robocalling

For millions of Americans, the arrival of election season means the chance to cast their votes and have a say in the country’s governance. But it can also mean something far less auspicious at the same time: Robocalls. Unfortunately, frustration with robocalls can interfere with general understanding of the underlying technology delivering them. While most […]

Funeral Communication and Coordination

Most church announcements are a joy to share—the youth group is planning a mission trip or the parish capital campaign reached it’s goals. Other annoucements, like the death of a congregant, are not only difficult emotionally, but difficult logistically as well. We hear from many of our church clients that the challenges of funeral announcements […]

Guns on Campus

In the aftermath of high-profile shootings on college campuses, college administrators are considering whether to allow guns on campus. Administrators are divided, with some seeing guns as a way to keep students and faculty safe and others worried that more guns would only increase levels of violence on campus. Explore current law regarding guns on […]

Package Notification Services Help Residents, Property Managers Alike

With almost 20 percent of Americans purchasing something online as often as one to two times a week, packages make up a huge portion of residential mail. While home owners with a front porch have a secure place for postal workers to leave packages, apartment dwellers do not. Tenants who live in apartments and are […]

Green is Sprouting Up Everywhere

5 Practical Ideas to Green Up your Bottom Line It seems that everyone is taking steps to go a little green. So what’s it mean for property managers? Is it worth your time and effort to promote a green agenda? For individuals, going green is a personal choice. For some it comes down to situational […]

Shopping for a Notification Service for your Church

From storms to terrorism, there’s been no shortage of high-profile crisis situations in the news of late. Many nonprofits are either shopping for a group messaging service or evaluating the one they currently use. As a veteran of the communication industry, I often get asked whether or not there is really much difference between one […]

Crisis Leadership

In the event of a crisis, do you already have a plan? Have you shared this plan with your staff? Do you periodically execute your plan to ensure familiarity amongst your employees? Think Fast, Work Smart, and Make Informed Decisions Have you ever wondered how first responders are able to calmly and effectively deal with […]

Four Ways to Bring Proactive Customer Service to Life

The other day a friend told me, “I spend all my time reacting and putting out fires. I don’t have time to be proactive.” Who doesn’t understand that feeling? The shift to a more proactive approach to customer service doesn’t have to mean sweeping changes. Just a few tweaks can net great results. Consider these […]

Seniors “Like” Social Media: Senior Living Communities Should, Too

Social media usage by the 65-and-over set more-than-tripled in the five-year period between 2010 and 2015, according to a report from Pew Research Center. So what’s a forward-thinking senior living community to do when it comes to communicating with its residents? The answer is simple: Meet them where they live. Let’s take a closer look […]