Tornado Forecasting: Is Longer Really Better?

Imagine you had just 13 minutes to prepare for the possibility of a tornado touching down where you live. When it comes to the complexities involved in tornado forecasting, the truth is that this timeline may be the best-case scenario in terms of lead time. However, even as scientists continue to push the boundaries of […]

Want More Productive Meetings? Don’t Miss These Four Tips

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be ‘meetings.” While Dave Barry might have been joking when he made this claim, he’s not so far off the mark. According to Business Insider, the 11 million […]

Spread the Word this Easter!

Easter is quickly approaching. Does your church have an effective way to communicate all of the details of your Easter celebration? If not, it’s not too late to implement our church communication solution. With One Call Now’s automated voice, text and email notifications, your message will be heard by everyone of all ages, no matter […]

El Niño and the Upcoming Tornado Season

El Niño recently made an entertaining impression on audience members watching the Grease: Live! telecast. But if only its impact was limited to forcing singers and dancers to temporarily take cover beneath umbrellas. Unfortunately, El Niño poses a much bigger threat than many people know—particularly in the case of the approaching tornado season. Let’s take […]

Housing Inspections – The Brilliance of a No-Surprises Strategy

I once had a boss who told me it was my job to make sure he was never surprised. I thought that was odd, but over time I realized it was brilliant… because nobody likes a bad surprise. When it comes to student housing inspections, it’s likely that nothing would surprise your team. But your […]

Preventative Maintenance for Senior Living Communities

Tune up your property and fine tune your processes When the seasons change, preventative maintenance becomes a priority. However, the most effective chores may extend beyond your maintenance staff. Preventative maintenance can be handled from two perspectives: your property and your processes. Tune up your property… WATER DAMAGE Any place that collects or moves water […]