Text-Only: Missed Messages and Misunderstandings

Text-only messaging spells missed opportunities Text-only services like to say that everyone texts. Certainly a large percent of the population does… but that’s not “everyone.” So who isn’t texting? The older generations and those who cannot afford data plans. Would it be OK to just exclude them from your communications? There’s no doubt about it; […]

Five Routine Uses for Mass Notification Technology

Once used only in emergencies, organizations of all types and sizes are now recognizing the numerous benefits of using mass notification technology for routine messages. Here are five of our favorites: IT Alerts A mass notification service can be utilized for notification of virtually any IT-related issue. Whether your network is down (unexpectedly or for […]

Robocalls Versus Automated Messaging Services: Setting the Record Straight

For millions of Americans, the arrival of election season means the chance to cast their votes and have a say in the country’s governance. But it can also mean something far less auspicious at the same time: Robocalls. Unfortunately, frustration with robo calling can also interfere with public understanding of another practice aimed at disseminating […]

To Tow… or Not To Tow? Seven Tips to Keep that from Being the Question

I don’t know a property manager who doesn’t grapple with parking issues. At best, they’re a hassle. At worst, they threaten resident safety, satisfaction and retention. They can even send you to court. Towing may alienate a resident… but failure to act on a parking problem could alienate many residents. The best solution is a […]

10 Things Your Employees Wish You Understood About Communicating With Them – Part Two

In a prior post, 10 Things Your Employees Wish You Understood About Communicating with Them – Part One, we began exploring the ways that managers can improve productivity, employee satisfaction and overall organizational culture by improving the way they communicate. In this Part Two post we’ll add the second five: 6. STAY THE COURSE Too often, […]

Weather or Not, Residents Appreciate Notifications

No, that was not a typo… Residents of apartment communities appreciate communication from their property managers, especially when it comes to critical information like severe weather alerts. Even for everyday occurrences like maintenance, resident satisfaction tends to increase as communication increases. Providing residents with a way to respond — and reach a live staff member […]

Is Your Church Over Communicating?

A recent blog by Lauren Hunter, of Church Technology Today, outlines the “Three Dangers of Over – Communication That Churches Should Avoid”. At the risk of over-communicating, we think her message is definitely worth repeating. We couldn’t agree more with Lauren’s observations and suggestions. Notification systems like One Call Now make it so easy to communicate that […]

Tornadoes, False Alarms and Public Complacency: What You Need to Know

We often lament the problem of limited lead times for tornado warnings, but what about watches and warnings which never come to be? While it’s easy to discount a false alarm as for the greater good, can multiple false alarms eventually trigger a “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” effect? Let’s take a closer look at […]

Shopping for a Notification Service

From blizzards to terrorism, there’s been no shortage of high-profile crisis situations in the news of late. Many schools, K-12 through Higher Ed, are either shopping for a notification service or evaluating the one they currently use. As a veteran of the notification industry, I often get asked whether or not there is really much […]

10 Things Your Employees Wish You Understood About Communicating With Them – Part One

Businesses typically put a great deal of time and resources into customer communications, from elaborate public relations plans to customer surveys. But when it comes to internal communications—those formal and informal means by which employers communicate with workers—communication is often taken for granted. Employees have a critical impact on the outcome of every project as […]