Shopping for a Notification Service

  From terrorism to tornados, there’s been no shortage recently of high-profile crisis situations in the news. Talk to those who have been affected by the tragedies and you hear the same thing over and over – I didn’t think it would happen to us; I wish we would have had a plan in place. […]

Want to Increase Resident Engagement?

KEEP IN TOUCH! Senior living residents come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but when faced with a new living situation, there is always a common theme—social insecurity. Just like the first day of kindergarten, middle school or that freshmen year of college, new senior residents worry about making friends, who to sit with during […]

Diverse Communication Helps

It’s a great day when a client reaches out to share their story of how One Call Now has vastly improved their business operations. That’s exactly what happened recently when Robert Steward of contacted me to let us know how much One Call Now has improved attendance at their job fair events. Read on: hosts job fairs […]

Using Technology to Stop the Membership Slide

Most conversations about church communications focus on two groups: New visitors, whom the church hopes to transform into members with sincere, friendly messaging and outreach, and committed members, who need updates on events, schedule changes, and general church life. There is a third, less obvious group. They may be regular attendees or even members. They may […]