Employer Provided Cell Phones Make Emergency Employee Communication Easier

In an emergency situation, every second counts. You don’t have time to organize or make decisions; that is why planning ahead is vital. Providing cell phones to your employees and instituting a clear-cut policy regarding emergency situations will increase employee safety and boost employee morale. There are several things you can do to get the […]

The Evolution of Business Communication

Face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, intercom systems and memos—early business communication was at times tenuous and the message didn’t always reach its intended recipient, in a timely manner, anyway. Over time, communications methods became more refined, and now with a click of a mouse, or a quick finger swipe on a smartphone, anyone can send a message to numerous recipients at once. […]

How to Implement a Winter Weather Emergency Communication Plan

Whether you are responsible for communicating with 100 people or 1,000, effective communication is essential. Being able to communicate with your contacts quickly and efficiently is especially important during times of high stress or danger, especially in the middle of winter. In order to ensure the safety of your people, you need to develop a practical communication plan […]

Making Campus a Safer Place to Live and Work

By Lacey Duncan It’s that time of year again. College campuses are being flooded with students and faculty returning to begin another semester. For higher education institutions around the country safety is among their administrators’ highest priorities. Yet, when you have thousands of people working and living together the logistics of communication often proves difficult—classes […]

When Weather strikes- are you ready?

Crucial Emergency Communications is a two way street- Schools, businesses and government need to be able to broadcast news, and you need to be able to receive it- even without power.

Winter Weather Survival Guide: Make it Through with Your Sanity Intact

We have a few months before winter officially starts, but it looks like Mother Nature is full of surprises. Last year around this time cities in New York were getting hit with as much as six feet of snow, and every state in America was experiencing temperatures below freezing. So in the interest of being […]

Almanac Predictions – Miracles of Science or Total Malarkey?

Labor Day has passed, the first few leaves have started to fall, and the dreaded talk of winter has begun. We aren’t purposefully trying to bring on winter-woes by talks of another polar vortex, but it’s natural to wonder what Mother Nature has in store. One way to find out is the Farmer’s Almanac, but […]

Prep Your Home Now to Avoid Snow Damage with These 5 Tips

While it’s well documented how snow impacts driving, air travel and everyday schedules, many people often don’t realize the detrimental effect it can have on their homes and communities before it’s too late. So whether you live in Boston, Detroit or any other northern portion of the country, be warned: snow can be very damaging. […]

Four Ways to Improve Employee Crisis Communication

In April 2013, Boston authorities told residents to stay indoors while the search for one of the Boston Marathon bombers was carried out. The order came early in the morning on a Friday, just as people were getting ready to leave for work. As businesses learned of the shelter-in-place order, many told employees to stay home. But […]