Robocalls vs. Automated Voice Messages: What Gives?

Answering the phone and hearing the familiar voice of a far-off friend is one of life’s great small pleasures. Conversely, a ring that turns out to be a prerecorded, unsolicited “robocall,” can be one of life’s greatest frustrations. Have you ever stopped to wonder what differentiates these nuisance calls from other types of automated notification […]

eDiscovery: The Future of the Legal Industry

As the legal landscape evolves, the integration of technology is a prevalent addition to this arena. E-discovery, or electronic discovery, has been integrated into many aspects of how information is gathered, stored and presented. What is e-discovery? E-discovery is an electronic solution for the identification, collection and production of electronically stored information when responding to […]

3… 2… 1… Cook Off!

  It’s that time of year! Cook-offs everywhere are starting their initial planning stages. In this industry, cook-offs are a great way to engage your residents and to get your whole community involved in something yummy. ‘Tis the season for chili. If you do a quick Google search, millions of results appear for award winning chili […]

Technology Is Changing the Banking Industry, One Smartphone at a Time

Mobile is changing the way we bank, from the way we make deposits to the transfer of funds and how purchases are made. Some of today’s youngest consumers may not ever enter the bank again once they open an account; a recent study by FICO points out Millennials predilection for mobile solutions when it comes […]

Major Service Upgrade for One Call Now Religion Clients Now Available

Church Now to offer enhanced features and companion app Dayton, OHIO, September 14, 2015—One Call Now, a division of Send Word Now, has launched Church Now, a major service upgrade tailored specifically for churches. Church Now features two complimentary elements: a dedicated group leader “dashboard,” called the Pastor Admin Page, and a Church Now mobile […]

They Like Big Buses

It’s back to school season, and who couldn’t be happier? The parents! In honor of the amazing teachers who take care of children all year long, the Holderness family created this highly entertaining back to school parody. Because, they like big buses, and they cannot lie.  

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