How Much Does Facebook Know About You? You Might Be Surprised.

Facebook has well over a billion monthly active Facebook users, but just how many of them have read the social media giant’s Data Policy? For that matter…have you? Even if you wanted too, you probably couldn’t: researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have determined that it would take the average American 76 full work days to simply […]

Net Neutrality Ruling: What You Need to Know

Imagine a world in which you couldn’t watch your favorite show on Netflix simply because your internet provider didn’t want you to. Well, this world was on its way to becoming a reality until last week when the Federal Communications Commission voted to regulate broadband internet as a public utility thereby safeguarding net neutrality. Let’s […]

Outbound Notifications: Stepping Up Your Customer Service Initiatives

When it comes to staying in contact with customers, you have two options — inbound and outbound forms of communications. And while some companies rely solely on one form or another, it is imperative to understand that both types have their advantages. Forrester Research believes that combining these two types of communication enhances reporting capabilities, […]

A Better Way to Communicate with Residents

If you’re like most property managers, you’ve developed a method for communicating with your residents. You may not stop to think about how successfully it works. You are probably more concerned with making sure you notify every resident about emergencies, utility outages, or maintenance work that affects the whole community. Maybe it’s time to think […]

Increase Senior Resident Engagement

Residents of a senior communities may feel left out if they don’t know about all of the activities and events their community has planned. Fortunately, there are ways to keep seniors in the loop when it comes to what’s going on around them. Many communities post flyers and/or send information to residents, but this is […]

What churches are telling us…about today and tomorrow

Churches have always been an important part of our mission here at One Call Now, and for years, we have tried our best to do everything we can to stay attuned to their needs and provide them a reliable, affordable set of notification tools. In turn, these churches have rewarded us with their loyalty and […]