6 Ways One Call Now Can Streamline Staffing Communications

You exchange a multitude of important information with your staff every day. But how you choose to communicate that information can mean the difference between an efficient, streamlined process and a waste of everyone’s time. Whether you’re sending out calls for open shifts or conducting a simple staff survey, One Call Now can help you […]

Why are we now seeing colder weather across the UK?

Over recent weeks, we have spoken about the very strong jet stream across the Atlantic, driving areas of intense low pressure towards the UK. This has brought spells of very wet, windy but relatively mild conditions to the country. As many of you would have noticed, although the wind and heavy rain has eased, there […]

IMs, Emails and Calls—OH MY!

Wondering why you’re not getting as much done in a day as you should be? Distractions are abundant in the contemporary workplace, and staying on track can be a challenge. One way to close the gap between you and your productivity goals? Learn to manage email and instant messenger alert interruptions. A Closer Look at […]

Three Steps to Be Prepared for an Emergency in Healthcare

Once a crisis hits, it’s too late to decide on a plan of action. Keeping people safe and keeping the reputation of your hospital in good shape means knowing what to do long before you need to do it. Here’s what you need to know to keep a crisis from becoming a complete disaster. 1. […]

Resolutions to Make, Not Break

5 Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals in 2015 The last few crumbs of fruitcake have disappeared and the champagne bottles are drained. In other words, there’s nothing left standing between you and your New Year’s resolution. The sad truth is that a staggering 92 percent of people don’t achieve their goals for the […]

Don’t Give Up on New Year’s Resolutions

They’re not just for losing weight anymore! New Year’s resolutions have gotten a bad rap. Psychologists say that affirmations are more powerful than merely stating a goal. So, take advantage of the fresh-start momentum that comes with a New Year and try these affirmations at your property. 1. Weigh every cost-saving/cost-cutting action carefully against the […]