Follow-up to Build a Track Record of Ethical Behavior

You can’t control every communication your staff has with current or prospective residents. Nor can you control how others interpret what you and your staff have said. But you can take steps to establish a track record of ethical behavior towards every prospective resident. Follow-up communications help confirm Fair Housing compliance. Follow-up communications give you […]

Winter Weather Survival Guide: Make it through with your sanity intact

We have a month before winter officially starts, but it looks like Mother Nature has other plans for us. With cities in New York getting hit with as much as six feet of snow, and every state in America experiencing temperatures below freezing, the coming winter seems like nothing to joke about. So in the […]

Tackling Preventative Maintenance from Two Perspectives

Tune up your property and fine tune your processes This maintenance season, some of your most effective chores may extend beyond your maintenance staff. Here’s a look at preventative maintenance from two perspectives: your property and your processes. Tune up your property… Water damage is costly. Examine and clean roofs and gutters. Water that collects […]

Resident Communication is Not One Size Fits All

In property management, communicating with residents is more important now than ever. Long gone are the days when you can post a sign or hand out flyers to inform your residents. Many companies have turned to mass notification services to fix this communication problem. However, some use text-only services as their solution. While this may […]

Embrace the Hate! Confronting Negative Online Reviews

As a property manager, you have a very big job — maintaining curb appeal, managing maintenance requests, and keeping your residents happy are all just touching the surface of your day to day activities. In many ways, the internet has made your job easier. After all, you can advertise to new residents and find the […]

Daviess County School District

“I don’t think we could do without it [One Call Now] at this point – our parents just love it!” Lora Wimsatt, Public Relations Coordinator for Daviess County Public Schools

Barren County Schools

“Communication has greatly improved and information is distributed more rapidly. Parents have come to depend on One Call Now.” Melissa Moss, Director of Technology for Barren County Schools

Stay Healthy This Season

Enterovirus, Ebola, Influenza…all of these scary germs are in the news frequently. The good news is that catching Ebola is quite unlikely for the average American. The bad news is that the flu, enterovirus, and common colds are quite easily caught, especially when bad weather shuts people indoors over the winter. However, staying healthy this […]