Doing More with Less

“We need to do more with less.” Here we go again. Are you as tired of hearing that as I am? At work, at home, in our communities… the mandate is unrelenting. It’s a challenge; but it’s also a reality. So let’s deal with it. Perhaps one of the best ways to approach it is […]

3 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Move-in Day Plan

Move-in day for student housing is hectic, no doubt about it. It takes a lot of organization just to get through it and get everyone settled in. Even with the best plans, chaos can reign supreme. Turn time is the best time to lay the groundwork for streamlined processes and smooth relationships with your new […]

Resident Safety: A common-sense approach

Security is a tough nut. Everyone wants it, yet no one can guarantee it. Most lease agreements make that clear. But as you well know, resident safety is not completely out of your realm of responsibility. So let’s take a common-sense look at some of the legal, ethical and business aspects. Legal If bad things […]

Communicating with Residents… Maybe it’s time for a reality check?

Not all that long ago my planning calendar was my daily road map. It would give me a good idea about how my day was going to go… what I needed to do. That’s no longer the case. Thanks to the technology that allows us to instantly communicate with others, others can in turn instantly […]