If You Hate Surprises…You might be a property manager!

If You Hate Surprises… You might be a property manager! OK, we’ll leave the comedy to Jeff Foxworthy. However, daily “surprises” are the bane of nearly all apartment management staff. One of the worst surprises is unexpected turnover… losses that could have been prevented if you had only known there were problems. In a 2011 […]

The Pitfalls of Text-Only Communication

Facebook’s hot off the press acquisition of What’sApp for the hefty sum of $19 billion signals the next step in the evolution of mobile messaging for the masses. After all, text messaging is a simple, convenient way to communicate when you can’t talk, but it should not be relied upon as the sole communication method […]

Reducing Resident Complaints May Be Easier Than You Think

We’re hardwired for the negative, but reducing resident complaints may be easier than you think. Recently a property manager asked me, “Why does one problem overshadow all the things we do right around here?” Hmmm… an interesting conundrum. So I did a little research and here’s what I found. Our brains are hardwired to react […]

“That Happened Before I Got Here”

What do you do when you inherit a mess? “Well, I inherited a real mess here.” That’s the response I got to the How’s-it-going? greeting I gave a new property manager at a well-established managed community. She continued, “Property management before me left under suspicious circumstances. The one before her developed contentious relationships with the board, […]