Calamity Day Countdown?

Snow days when I was a kid were as rare as having money in my hand when the ice cream truck jingle jangled by my house. They simply didn’t happen outside of the blizzard that came through in ’78. This year is different. It has been below zero more often than not this month and […]

Plowing Through the Frightful Weather Outside

If snow is in your forecast, a snow removal policy is a must-have for your tool box. If you have a policy, compliance can still be a hassle, so maybe it’s time to revise it. 1. Publish and distribute your snow removal policy. Let your residents know what to expect when it snows. Spell out: […]

Privacy Alert: Preventing Peeping iToms

I’m a proponent of good communication, whether it’s in my personal relationships or my work for One Call Now, a telecommunications notification provider. However, I’m also a protective mama bear so when I received a heads up about social media sites such as Facebook geo-tagging my photos and what that could mean for the privacy […]

Negative Temperatures, Positive Communications

Several records were set this week at the office. One was for the coldest temperatures the area had seen in over twenty years. Another was for the number of calls we sent on behalf of our clients in one day – over 3 million. Yep, three million phones buzzed that day letting people know about […]