Yardi Integration is Good News for Property Managers

by Amanda Cupp on December 10th, 2014

If you’re like me, you may have trouble remembering when you have an appointment. That’s why I find it very convenient that my doctor’s office sends automated reminder calls a day or two before my visit. It saves me from having to call and check when my appointment is, and it saves the doctor’s office the hassle of calling each individual patient, answering multiple calls to remind patients of when appointments are, or risking patients forgetting their appointment times.

As of last week, One Call Now has officially integrated with Yardi Voyager to offer a similar type of automated messaging feature to property managers. This means that property management users now have the ability to sync their Yardi rosters and schedule reoccurring messages to send to their residents. This integration will allow One Call Now users to maximize their usage benefits while minimizing the time and effort.

By integrating with Yardi Systems, a company specializing in real estate software, One Call Now expects property managers will save time by automating their once manual processes. There will no longer be the need to manually update residents’ contact information thanks to the roster syncing ability of the Yardi Voyager integration.

In the past, property managers would have to schedule each past-due rent message manually —you can imagine how much time this could have taken. The new integration will automate this process and can be customized to fit the user’s preference for how many days after a payment is due that the message will be sent.

For property managers, this integration means less hassle and less time spent scheduling and sending messages to residents. Instead, much like some doctor’s offices today, the process will be automated, making a once tedious task a breeze! Helping residents remember to pay on-time, being proactive in answering questions and eliminating manual calls—what’s not to like?


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