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by Lisa Eifert on December 18th, 2014

No one likes a bully. While bullying may not be a new occurrence in schools and online, what is becoming more prevalent is the attention given to try to stop bullying and prevent it in the future. One new tool in the fight against bullying is One Call Now’s Safe School Helpline®, which recently received an Award of Excellence from Tech and Learning Magazine. This magazine is the leading resource for K-12 leaders, providing them with resources and strategies to transform education through the use of digital technologies.

It is very common for bullying to happen in school, outside on school grounds, or on the bus, making it crucial for teachers, staff, and administrators to be equipped to handle these situations. Unfortunately, only about 20% to 30% of those who are bullied notify an adult about it. This may be because the kids are worried about repercussions of telling someone, feel embarrassed and do not want to appear weak, or feel like no one understands their situation, among other reasons.

To try to accommodate these communication downfalls, One Call Now offers the Safe School Helpline®, an anonymous hotline service that allows students to access crisis counselors 24/7. The Safe School Helpline® is being used by thousands of schools in the United States and allows students to talk directly to crisis counselors about the issues affecting them, such as bullying and sexual harassment. It also provides full transcripts of every call to give complete understanding of the situation.

The Safe School Helpline® is one of 102 education technology products to receive the Award of Excellence, and it is joined by advances in software, hardware, networks, and web products in areas such as safety, communication, and management.

This hotline allows students to anonymously text or call in warnings of potential trouble or stressors before they happen. The Safe School Helpline® not only allows students access to counseling whenever they need it, but it also allows teachers and staff to be more proactive in dealing with bullying. The helpline is another opportunity to inform adults of a possible situation, and it is documented to refer back to if needed.

One Call Now is honored to have received an Award of Excellence from Tech and Learning Magazine. The company hopes that not only will the hotline provide support to those dealing with bullying, but that the addition of the Safe School Helpline® to current methods of prevention will help efforts to minimize and put an end to bullying.


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