Make Your Property the Total Package

by Amanda Cupp on December 2nd, 2015

Property managers get a lot of packages for their residents. Trying to notify these residents and make sure everyone gets what they ordered in a timely manner can be difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming. However, there are ways to improve the transfer of delivered packages from property managers to their residents.

The Survey Says…

According to a recent survey from NMHC/Kinsley, apartment communities can get up to 100 packages every week. When the holidays come around, this figure can easily double. Despite the number of packages coming in, only 25% of apartment complexes use software specifically designed to handle the on-site management of packages. When it comes to high-rise apartments, nearly 60% use management software.

While not every apartment community accepts packages, 88% do. Potential residents look for package delivery as an amenity, as well, and it ranks number two, behind fitness centers. With property managers and their staff spending as many as five hours every week getting packages to residents, it is easy to see that having a package management solution is a good way to get (and stay) organized.

Eliminate the Hassel

Taking one of the biggest stressors away from property managers and avoiding time-consuming issues is, of course, important. With One Call Now, property managers can take all the hassle out of notifying residents that a package is waiting for them. One message can be sent to everyone with a click or a call and our Ad Hoc Subgroups feature means that choosing individual message recipients is easy. Whether a manager wants to notify a single person or a group of residents that a package is waiting for them, our service makes it quicker and easier than ever before. Two-way communication is also allowed through the system, so it’s easy to confirm that residents got the messages and will be picking up their package(s).

Increase Satisfaction for Residents

Does this go beyond just benefiting those managers? Of course! It also raises the satisfaction level of the residents of the property. When they are happy, they work with the property manager more easily––and that’s important for everyone involved. It can make the residents’ stay at the property better and can also help the property manager get more done in less time.

Residents who are waiting on very important packages, or who order items and have packages delivered quite frequently, will really appreciate a property management company working to put their needs first. When residents feel valued, they are much more likely to work with the property management company on unrelated issues that may come up during their stay. This makes life easier for them and the property manager and ensures that packages move through the system as quickly and efficiently as possible, even during the busiest of times.



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