Keep Occupancy High with Proactive Communication & Reputation Management

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by Hillary Bowling on December 6th, 2017

Nearly everyone today checks reviews before making a decision — ordering a vacuum cleaner, buying a car, taking a job, trying a new restaurant — and certainly before moving into a new apartment community.

With all of the focus on an organization’s online reputation, how can you be sure that your properties are presenting a positive face online to potential tenants? Mastering reputation management requires a multi-tiered approach aimed at stimulating positive reviews and reducing the impact of any negative reviews.

Better Than Pictures

Having the most stunning pictures and comprehensive walkthroughs on your website are no longer enough if your online reviews are less-than-stellar. Reputation management is truly changing the game for the property business, as potential tenants are ready to quickly click through to the next option should they see poor reviews online. However, the large number of different online review sites can make it truly challenging to determine where to place your focus to have the biggest impact.

An Engaging Opportunity

While most reviews are positive, there are times when someone genuinely has a poor experience. This is an opportunity to create a natural engagement with your customers, by responding openly and honestly about a poor review. Often, this willingness to step outside your comfort zone online can go a long way towards convincing potential customers to giving your apartment community a second glance — simply because you were willing to engage online and make an effort to fix the problem. It’s an opportunity to showcase your customer service.

Improving Ratings

One of the most important ways to improve rankings in online searches is through having an excellent rating. Google’s search engine looks at reviews and tends to feature organizations with a positive online image as the perception is that these businesses have more to offer to customers. Perhaps one of the best ways to improve your reviews and ratings is by actively asking your current community members to take a moment to rate or review your property. When you stay in touch with your tenants on a regular basis and offer value in each communication, you’re much more likely to receive good feedback and gain trust from current and new customers.

Proactive community communications could include a variety of different topics, such as:

  • Money-saving tips
  • Coupons to local businesses
  • Information about community events
  • Any known outages (such as a one-day delay in trash pickup)
  • Emergency information

Savvy property managers see mass communications as a way to improve the overall feeling of community within their complex, while also reducing the amount of phone calls and emails — all of which require staff time to answer. Proactive communications allow you to head off concerns before they come to fruition, providing a more relaxed and pleased atmosphere for customers and staff members alike.

Fortunately, it is not incredibly time-consuming to reach out to your apartment community. With only a few clicks, One Call Now is able to reach your residents via text message, email or voice recording — without a high degree of technical knowledge required. Find out more and download the free eBook to learn more about how to strengthen your online reputation!

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