Tackling Preventative Maintenance from Two Perspectives

by Amanda Cupp on November 19th, 2014

Tune up your property and fine tune your processes

This maintenance season, some of your most effective chores may extend beyond your maintenance staff. Here’s a look at preventative maintenance from two perspectives: your property and your processes.

Tune up your property…
Water damage is costly.
Examine and clean roofs and gutters. Water that collects and freezes causes damage and can be hazardous to people below. Inspect all the plumbing and appliances on your property. Periodically replace the caulking in all kitchens and bathrooms to minimize leaks and keep them from showing age.

Fix pot holes and uneven concrete. They’re tripping hazards, breeding grounds for mosquitos and can become icy accidents waiting to happen.

Parking and signage are often overlooked. Well-marked parking lots with plenty of easy-to-see signage minimize frustrations for residents and visitors, keep your property safe, and reduce the instances of towing.

Fine tune your processes…
Update your residents’ contact information. Preventative maintenance on your residents’ and staff’s contact information always delivers big payoffs. Your ability to reach them is critical during emergencies or when cars have to be moved. Keeping residents in the loop about maintenance activities also keeps you and your staff from answering lots of unnecessary phone calls.

Keep spec sheets on everything. You need to act fast when unexpected maintenance issues pop up, especially during severe weather or times when multiple issues arise. Your ability to quickly grab a spec sheet can help save the day.

Touch base with all your suppliers. Review their services and set expectations to ensure your property stays top-of-mind with them. When a snow storm hits or a tree falls you don’t want to discover that they’ve forgotten your property.

When it’s time to launch your next preventative maintenance initiative, look beyond your property and examine your processes. After all, everything can use a tune up now and then.

Authored by: Amanda Cupp, Vertical Marketing Manager
Co-Authored by: Nick Frantz, National Sales Manager

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