Resident Communication is Not One Size Fits All

by Amanda Cupp on November 13th, 2014

In property management, communicating with residents is more important now than ever. Long gone are the days when you can post a sign or hand out flyers to inform your residents. Many companies have turned to mass notification services to fix this communication problem. However, some use text-only services as their solution. While this may seem like the best solution, advances in technology and notification services are making text-only notifications seem like the paper flyers of the past. Services now offer the option to personalize your messages with voice and multiple receiving options from which your residents can choose. With more sophisticated forms of notification systems becoming available, it is crucial for property managers to stay on top of the technology trend.

Make it personal and increase resident retention
According to Landlord Property Management Magazine, one of the top three ways to increase your resident retention rates is by making your relationship with your residents personal. Residents are less focused on prices and more focused on the value of a property; they want to know that they will be treated as more than just a renter. This makes it critical to personalize your interactions with residents, which brings us to a huge downfall of texting: it’s not personal. Its 130 characters of text for your residents to read and interpret however they like. This could lead to further issues when residents misunderstand a message, creating a huge problem for you to fix!

Reach residents in the way they communicate
Another point to remember is that not everyone owns a cell phone! Although it may seem impossible in this day and age, only 87% of adults in the U.S. own a cell phone, and only 45% of those who own a cell phone own a smartphone. This means that by simply choosing to send a text message, you are willingly excluding a portion of your renters.  In fact, Landlord Property Management Magazine reports that a large number of baby boomers and senior citizens are living in rental housing, making it extra important to remember the older residents in your buildings. Those who are 65 and older currently comprise 15% of the apartment rental market, and only 68% of these adults own a cell phone. Even more concerning, of those who own a cell phone, only 12% of these are smart phones. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how sending text-only notifications can fall short if you’re looking to notify all of your residents. Plus, giving your residents the option of choosing how they receive their notifications will allow you to give them the personal touch you need to keep your resident retention rates up! Check out our latest article, “Text-Only: Missed Messages and Misunderstandings.

Authored by: Amanda Cupp, Vertical Marketing Manager
Co-Authored by: Nick Frantz, National Sales Manager

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