Non-English? Non-Spanish? What About the Gap?

by Amanda Cupp on November 18th, 2016

My son’s classmate had some great stories when he returned to the US from a nine-month total immersion foreign-language study program. Most were about his struggles with the language… how a mispronounced word or voice inflection dramatically changed meanings and create some awkward situations.

That made me wonder… what is the impact on non-English speaking residents who miss inspections, don’t understand maintenance schedules or have their car towed because they couldn’t read a notice that the parking lot is being repaved? What’s the risk for property management staff if their residents don’t understand their communications? The answer? Huge.

News flash… non-English doesn’t mean only Spanish. A message service that offers speedy, automated translations in multiple languages could be a powerful tool to increase resident satisfaction and compliance. One Call Now’s group messaging service can make communications easy for you and your staff. Recipients receive your messages by phone, SMS text, email or social media… whatever is most convenient for them. Automatic translations help you ensure non-English-speaking families stay informed. Two-way communications make follow up fast and easy for you and residents.

Cover your bases. Ask your residents what languages they would prefer for your messages and announcements. They’ll appreciate your consideration and you’ll be going a long way to protect them and your property.

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