Follow-up to Build a Track Record of Ethical Behavior

by Amanda Cupp on November 25th, 2014

You can’t control every communication your staff has with current or prospective residents. Nor can you control how others interpret what you and your staff have said. But you can take steps to establish a track record of ethical behavior towards every prospective resident.

Follow-up communications help confirm Fair Housing compliance. Follow-up communications give you complete control of consistent message content. Here are five tips for communications that support fairing housing compliance:

  1. Whether prospects come to your property by appointment, walk in or call, get their contact information: address, phone number and email.
  2. If prospects won’t supply it, document your conversation with their name, date and time. Note the information you gave them and keep your notes fact-based and free of personal impressions.
  3. Get permission from all prospects to send phone, text and email messages confirming rates and unit availability. Let them know they can opt out of messaging at any time and their contact information is confidential.
  4. Send a follow-up message within 24 hours of your meeting. Include detailed information about unit availability and rates.
  5. Document your communications:
  • Phone calls or texts – note the date and time in a journal.
  • Email – keep a dedicated electronic file.
  • Hard copy letters – keep copies on file.
  • If you use a message service, pick one that automatically documents all your communications.

Conversations and emails with staff and current residents also matter. They reflect your company culture and attitudes that influence fair housing compliance. You want them to hold up under scrutiny if fair housing issues at your property should ever come into question.

Follow-up communications that accurately spell out the exact same rental requirements and availability to every single prospect confirm your ethical intentions. They’re also proven sales tools that help build business.

Authored by: Amanda Cupp, Vertical Marketing Manager
Co-Authored by: Nick Frantz, National Sales Manager

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