When Weather strikes- are you ready?

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by Amanda Cupp on October 27th, 2015

Every winter when ice and snow cover a wide swath of the country cutting power for hundreds of thousands of homes, and ice making driving treacherous, One Call Now is the lifeline for millions of people. Our messages about activities, business and school closings and re-schedules are delivered quickly throughout the storm-affected areas.

When power fails, internet, PC’s and TV’s go dark and radios go mute, the information lifeline gets cut. Unless schools, businesses and communities have an emergency notification service like One Call Now in place, the information highway goes silent.

Critical information will usually still reach landline home phones, which run off power from the phone line, not the house electricity, but who still has those these days? And what if the person you are trying to reach isn’t home? Being able to send a call, text and push notification to a mobile device will ensure everyone gets the message.

Unfortunately, our mobile devices will only work as long as they have a battery life. To combat the dreaded “low battery” message, have a car charger ready to go and keep an external battery charged at all times that will fully charge your cell phone at least one time. And if you really want to kick it old-school, crank flashlight/radios usually have a spot for a cell phone charger. Solar-powered chargers are also a good option to ensure that you keep critical devices powered in times of need.

In any case, it’s important that your school, community and/or employer have the ability to reach you- which is a two way street. You need to be able to receive crucial information, and they need to be able to send it.

When weather takes an unexpected turn, such as the possibility of four+ inches of ice or snow, you need to keep your contacts protected, informed and engaged. The One Call Now system will get your message out quickly and reliably.

During winter months, safety is of utmost concern, and when those messages matter the most, One Call Now delivers.


Are You Liable?

When weather conditions worsen, it is important to keep people off of the roads. Is that really your organization’s responsibility? Read our article, “Am I Liable?”, to find out.

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