One Call Now — Beyond Emergency Notifications

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by Hillary Bowling on October 29th, 2018

Once used only in emergencies, organizations of all types and sizes are now recognizing the numerous benefits of using mass notification technology for routine messages. Here are five of most popular use cases, outside of emergency notifications.

IT Alerts

A mass notification service can be utilized for notification of virtually any IT-related issue. Whether your network is down (unexpectedly or for routine maintenance), a destructive email virus is detected, or a server must be replaced, a notification can make staff immediately aware of the situation. Automated voice and text messages can be sent when email is down.

Conference Calling

Many organizations use conference calling on a routine, if not daily basis, for group communications. Often, these are spontaneous in nature. The process of initiating a conference call can be cumbersome: reserving the conference line, distributing the dial-in number and access codes and inviting participants. Organizations using automated mass notification services can eliminate many of the tedious and time-consuming logistics of traditional conference calling. The call leader can automatically call all participants at once when the organizer is ready to meet. By pressing one key on their phone keypad, they can be automatically transferred to the conference call number.

Gathering Contact Information

Employee contact information can easily become outdated, as personal data, including phone numbers and email addresses, changes often. Without assistance, the process of maintaining accurate employee contact information can be a real chore.

By using an employee notification service to help, however, the process can be simplified and the accuracy of the results improved. Generally, this involves deploying an online Self-Update Portal.

Staffing Challenges

Consider situations where your organization must notify crews of shift openings, backfill sick employees, or even manage after-hours situations, such as necessary maintenance. In each of these instances and others, a group messaging service can easily and cost-effectively replace manual outreach efforts.


Traditional telephone, SMS and email systems are not easily traceable or auditable. With your employee notification system, you can set your preferences to receive fully auditable details regarding your interactions. A multimodal system will also utilize various methods (call, text, email, push notifications) to reach the intended target when some forms of communication may not be available.

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