Bridging the Gap in Senior Care

by Amanda Cupp on October 9th, 2014

How do you bridge the gap for seniors who need assistance, but are not yet candidates for assisted living? How do you best manage varying levels of residents’ needs while also maintaining staffing levels?

If the answer is: do more and do it more efficiently, then what are the tools that make that happen?

Reminders Work
Anyone who is part of the senior care community knows the value of reminders. Nurses, care givers and administrators devote much of their time and attention making sure their senior residents stay reminded and on schedule.

It’s now a common practice for health care providers to call patients before an upcoming appointment. However, effective reminders are no longer limited to phone calls. A recent study by Sense Health, a healthcare company in New York, showed a 40% boost in appointment compliance using text message reminders (over a two month period). The same study showed a 12% increase in medication adherence—also using text messaging.

Reminders are also a good way to keep family members in the loop. Keeping them informed helps family members stay engaged and it inspires confidence in your facility.

Don’t Limit Your Reach
However, relying on phone calls only or just text messaging limits your ability to reach all your contacts.

  • Your senior residents may prefer phone calls. Although seniors are becoming increasingly tech savvy, phone calls may be best suited for those most in need of reminders.
  • Their family members’ preferences and those of your staff may vary greatly among phone calls, text messages and email.
  • Although many people use all methods, for some people, managing them all is overwhelming. To cope, they may ignore all but their preferred method… and it may not always be the one you use.

You want all your contacts to get all your messages. A notification service like One Call Now delivers messages in voice and text formats to land lines, mobile devices, email and even social media sites.

Automated Reminders Save Time and Reduce Tasks
Automated reminders free up staff from manually calling, texting and emailing. One Call Now easily integrates with your database so you can send automated messages that are personalized for each resident. You can also pre-schedule delivery dates and times. One Call Now makes it easy to quickly contact your entire resident population, groups of residents, family members and staff.

Whether for appointments, medication adherence or event participation, reminders improve compliance and keep residents engaged. Automated reminders are proven to boost results and reduce the nursing task load. Ensure that all your messages get through by choosing a reliable messaging service that communicates across all mediums.




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