Are Your Residents Satisfied with Social Media?

by Amanda Cupp on October 31st, 2014

Social media is everywhere; it seems like no matter where you go on the internet, there is always a friendly reminder of your favorite social media page. If you’re not using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to connect with your current and potential residents.

If you already use these networks to communicate, great! It’s normally the first place people go to look for updates and announcements. However, social media is not a substitute for other forms of communication.

Using social media to share new information about your community, local activities and as a way to get to know your residents is a great idea. However, when it comes to other situations, social media posts may not be the best way to relay your information.

Think back to when Hurricane Sandy decimated the East Coast. Would a Facebook post or a tweet really have been the best way to let your residents know about an evacuation? How would you know if they even got the message? Social media does not demand immediacy like other forms of communication. Even more importantly, it leaves out a large chunk of residents who are not on social media – it may be hard to believe, but there are people out there who are not on Facebook.

In a survey by SatisFacts, residents said that the top three factors they are most concerned with when it comes to resident retention are:

  1. Quality of maintenance services
  2. Safety and security
  3. Quality of customer service provided by office staff

These three elements revolve around you being able to communicate well with your residents. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a break-in, or a reminder that rent is due, the reception of this information is essential, and can increase your residents’ satisfaction.

While social media is an added benefit for your company and residents alike, it is not a substitute for providing reliable notifications in times when communication matters most. Leave social media for the general announcements and fun links, and utilize mass notification services like One Call Now for the messages that need to be seen by everyone in a timely fashion.

One Call Now provides multiple methods of communication to account for the downfalls of using only one method, such as text-only communication, which you can read about in this Social Media Article. These multiple methods are the key to keeping your residents informed in a way that social media alone cannot.

With loads of features to customize communications with your residents, One Call Now will allow you to use the methods your residents prefer to communicate with them about emergencies, maintenance operations, and other resident specific notifications in a professional and personalized manner.

Authored by: Amanda Cupp, Vertical Marketing Manager
Co-Authored by: Nick Frantz, National Sales Manager

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