How to Improve the Productivity of Your Employees

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by Hillary Bowling on August 29th, 2019

Guest post by Harsha Reddy of

If there’s one universal truth about business management, it’s this: a business is only as good as its workers.

You can have the fanciest new tech and the finest office spaces this side of the galaxy, it’s all for naught if your employees cannot reach their daily objectives.

So how can employers encourage their workers to be more productive and satisfied with their working conditions? There are a few ways, some more obvious than others.

Improve Communication

Think of your business as a piece of chainmail. Each individual link needs to be in contact with another in order to function properly. Only together can they do what their job is.

For this reason, you need to implement an efficient system that connects your workers with all the right people needed to carry out a task from start to finish. This can be done in a few ways: integrating an effective communication program, creating a support structure for new employees, constructing a clear-cut hierarchy, easily accessible paperwork, and the like.

Improve Communication (II)

Communication isn’t just about speaking to one another. It’s just as important to understand each other. Each one of your employees is a person with their own wants and needs. Ignoring that will swiftly result in dissatisfaction, leading to a disgruntled and ultimately inefficient workforce.

You need to talk with your employees (not necessarily to each one in person – you do have a busy schedule yourself, after all) and address any problems that they might have while working in your company. If several people bring up the same issue, it might be endemic of a bigger problem which is hurting productivity. Ensure that they know they have a say in the way things work in the business.

Provide Improved Equipment

A good employee can get the job done right, but with the wrong tools, it will take them quite a bit longer. You might believe you’re saving funds by not purchasing better equipment, but odds are you’re actually leaking potential profits by stifling your employees’ skills.

For example, a faulty old paper printer takes hours to accomplish what a modern one can manage in mere minutes. Right there you can see a massive time drain. Plug up the leaks with proper equipment that operates efficiently.

Acknowledge Positive Accomplishments

Positive reinforcement can do wonders to boost morale in the workplace. Whenever one or more employees succeed in surmounting a serious challenge or reaching a milestone, you should let them and everyone else in the company know how important that is.

Make sure to single out the high-achievers and praise them to the rest. This will create a sense of nurturing hard work. And why stop there? Offer benefits to those who stand out. Give them a reward trip, free meals, or yoga classes. All of this can prompt your staff to excel, raising their overall output. Additionally, one of the proven benefits of yoga is boosting productivity.

Using these tactics, your business will stay firm on the tracks to better results. Positive feedback, improved communication and opportunities to unwind are the essential ingredients for a happy, powerful business.

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