Communicating with Residents… Maybe it’s time for a reality check?

by Amanda Cupp on August 5th, 2014

Not all that long ago my planning calendar was my daily road map. It would give me a good idea about how my day was going to go… what I needed to do. That’s no longer the case.

Thanks to the technology that allows us to instantly communicate with others, others can in turn instantly communicate with us! And with this high level of contact, comes high expectations of quick responses. Yet we all seem to be adapting to this spontaneous flow of just-in-time communications as we blast through our days checking in, reacting and responding.

So how can property managers make the best of this new normal? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate how you  communicate with your residents. Maybe it’s time for a reality check.

  • Newsletters are a colossal waste of time and money – and often outdated by the time they’re delivered. Don’t even think of starting one.
  • Flyers are costly litter.
  • Bulletin boards have limitations – they’re OK for general information, but not everyone will get the message.
  • Websites work for seekers – don’t rely on residents to log on to retrieve important announcements.
  • Email works, but it’s hit or miss for time-critical messages – not everyone spontaneously retrieves their email.
  • Phone calls work, but can eat up staff time – if the timing isn’t right, your message may be forgotten.
  • Text messages work – In my experience, text messages are picked up more frequently than voice or email messages. Plus, texts can be quickly referenced.
  • Social media is another reliable way to reach residents. Social media participants are engaged communicators, checking in often. Like texts, messages are easy to reference later on.

A good message notification service can tie it all up for you. It can send your communications to multiple mediums: voice, email, text and social media simultaneously to cover all the bases and get your just-in-time communications delivered.

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