VBS is Over, Now What?

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by Hillary Bowling on July 25th, 2018

Tips To Maximize Your VBS Impact After It’s Over

You spend countless hours planning VBS, prepping staff and teaching kids. After the big event, you could sit back and wait until it’s time to plan next year’s VBS or continue the momentum. Implement several tips to maximize the impact of VBS and continue ministering to the children and their families.

Conduct a Debriefing Survey

Because you always want to improve your VBS ministry, ask the kids, parents/guardians and helpers to complete a survey. Participants can complete the survey on the closing night of VBS, or send the survey via email or social media shortly after VBS ends. Ask questions about what music, flow and decor they liked, what activities worked and what could be improved upon. Consider asking for information about the impact VBS had on the family, too.

Send Every Child a Handwritten Note

Kids do still love receiving mail, so recruit volunteers to donate cards and stamps and ask VBS helpers, teachers or other volunteers to write a personal note to each VBS kid. Thank the children for attending VBS, summarize what they learned during the week and offer suggestions on what steps they can take next.

Thank the Parents/Guardians

Reach out to parents/guardians with an email or text as you seek to build a family connection and relationship. Thank them for allowing their child to attend VBS and state how happy you were to have their child in your group. Use this opportunity to invite parents/guardians to upcoming church events, too, including regular church services, a parent support group and family movie night. Using a tool like One Call Now makes managing contacts and messages simple.

Thank the Volunteers and Donors

VBS is made possible because of generous volunteers and donors. Send a message to each helper as you show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the kids, their families and the ministry.

Set Dates for Next Year’s VBS

Even though you just finished this year’s event, now’s the time to set a date and start advertising for next year’s VBS. Participants are more likely to get excited and tell their friends to get involved when the fun of this year’s VBS is still fresh in their minds.

Plan a Back-to-School Party

A month or two after VBS, host a back-to-school party. Here, the kids, their parents/guardians and VBS helpers can reconnect over food, games and pictures or videos of your week together. If you’re in a low-income area, ask congregation members and local businesses to donate school supplies, and bless the children with a helpful gift. Using subgroups in One Call Now you can send different messages to parents, volunteers and donors to request RSVPs, donations or help with the event.

Pray for Your VBS Ministry

While preparing for VBS, you prayed over the kids, their families, the volunteers, and the church grounds. Continue your prayer ministry after the event as you prepare for next year. Create a weekly prayer calendar, and ask church congregants to pray for a different aspect of VBS each week.

Your church’s VBS event can change the lives of everyone who attends. With the help of these tips and One Call Now you can maximize the impact and effectiveness of your ministry.

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