Trends and Tools for a Desirable and Engaging Senior Living Community

by Amanda Cupp on July 24th, 2015

Senior living is changing. Gone are the days of the nursing home for anyone who needs a little extra help, or can’t easily live alone anymore. Instead, assisted living facilities have taken over a large part of the market, and the trends seen in them are significant in the value they provide. One of the best, and most important trends is the privacy that is being given to residents. Apartment-style living choice mean not sharing a room with someone else, with just a curtain between you. It also means having a private bathroom and shower, instead of a community option that might not feel as safe or comfortable.

Another trend that goes along with the privacy issue is making the facility feel like home. Many residents come to senior living communities because they are having trouble living on their own, but they end up giving up homes where they were happy and where they had a lot of good memories. Because of that, they need a place where they can feel at home once again—and the changes that have been undertaken by such a large number of senior living facilities are giving them that opportunity.

Additionally, trends are also moving toward individual choice. When facilities try to get all of their residents to do the same things, they can meet with a lot of resistance. Instead, providing numerous activities for residents to engage in, both separately and in groups, and offering a number of different options for learning, exploration, and relaxation can mean a resident population that is much happier and healthier. Choice should not be something that has to be given up completely, just because a senior chose to move to a community where they could get good care and spend time with others in their age group.

It’s not just about trends, though. There are also tools that are being used to make senior living a better experience for everyone involved. One of those tools is the mass messaging system. This allows residents to be notified of events, concerns, and nearly everything that goes on with the facility, so they don’t miss out on something important. There are email, voice message, and text message options, allowing residents to get information in the way that’s best for them. They can choose how they want to be notified, and also the kinds of things they want to be notified about.

Having the right technology is another tool for senior living communities. It can help the employees do more for residents, and also help the residents learn new skills. Deciphering how to work computers, smartphones, and other gadgets is a great way to keep seniors engaged, and can also help them find new ways to stay in touch with their family. With the popularity of social media, using computers can mean new tools to reach out to all kinds of people throughout the world, to help seniors feel more connected.

Because there are so many great options for trends and tools that can bring additional value to an assisted living facility, communities that cater to seniors are realizing that they have to change the way they do things in order to remain relevant. The future will hold more advancement for the trends that are currently being seen, and the development of additional tools that can be used to make the lives of seniors even better than before.

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