Change Can Be Good

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by Lisa Eifert on June 3rd, 2015

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.* Change. Good or not so good? We can all cite examples of not-so-good change: the new job with the micromanaging boss, or the new car that was the biggest lemon on the tree.

Then there’s good change. Remember when you had to do most of your holiday shopping at the mall? Or use a paper map to get to your destination?

If you have a cell phone, you know technology changes rapidly. Almost as soon as you get a new phone, a model with more features comes along.

The same is true for websites. They evolve as technology changes and users want more functionality and flexibility.

When you go to this month, you’ll notice our website looks different. The Login area is in a different location and has a different look. The Help/Support area has also moved. And our Features section has been enhanced.

Most importantly, our site is now mobile responsive, which means it’s easily accessible on tablets and smartphones anywhere, any time. You can read the best industry content, get help, and send messages without getting out of bed… if you’d ever want to!

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website very soon. One key area we encourage you to dig into is the Features section. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised to see all the functionality that’s built into their accounts, such as our mobile app, SMS text messaging, and the ability to send surveys using the service. These could all be hidden gems if you haven’t found and used them yet. For information about how to use any feature, check Help/Support or go to our Features section.

Using our site is easier than ever. Try it out on your smartphone, and consider using some additional features. You’ll see change is good.

*Source: Robert C. Gallagher, author of The Express

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