Keep Campers, Parents and Volunteers Safe and Informed with Voice and Text Messaging

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by Hillary Bowling on May 11th, 2018

Summer camp is a time that children often look forward to for months — and parents dread for just as long!

While camp allows youth some freedom away from home, parents frequently experience anxiety because it is usually the first time their child is away from home for more than a day or night. Add to the mix leaders who may be volunteering for the first time, and you could potentially have an unpleasant experience for all if things don’t go exactly as planned (and they rarely do).

Two big challenges?  Keeping track of everyone as they go through their daily activities and  providing parents with any necessary updates.

The vast majority of the U.S. population uses text messaging for communication, which makes it the ideal way to stay in touch with each group.

Coaching Campers

Keeping kids together and where they belong at the right time can be massively difficult! Providing quick SMS messages allows you to find those who may have wandered from the pack quickly and efficiently, ensuring their safety. When campers text back, you can quickly assure that the message has been received and will be acted upon, too.

Comforting Parents

Few things are worse than wondering where your children are, if they’re having fun or if they’re injured or scared. Voice and SMS messages to parents throughout the day or week of camp helps provide a level of comfort that their kids are safe and happy — which can go a long way towards reducing the number of phone calls the camp receives.

Coordinating Volunteers

Camp counselors are often relatively young and inexperienced, and having a way to consistently communicate with them will help them stay coordinated and on-task. This is especially important in the event of an emergency.

Targeted communication to various audience groups is critical for camps. Voice and SMS texting is an easy (and nearly foolproof way) to provide updates and information to a large number of people quickly and efficiently. Sign up for your 30-day free trial of One Call Now today to see exactly how simple it is to get started streamlining your camp communications!

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