Improving Communication Within Your Business with One Call Now

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by Amanda Cupp on May 14th, 2015

These days, there’s simply no overstating the importance of sound communication within a business. Communicating effectively with customers and employees alike can help keep a business running smoothly and efficiently. However, as businesses expand, communication is unfortunately one of those things that tend to fall to the wayside.

With One Call Now, you can simplify your company’s communication by sending simultaneous messages to thousands of your employees at once—whether it be via text, e-mail, or even a voice call. The end result is being able to reach out to everyone you need to reach out to with just a few simple steps. One Call Now has applications in just about any industry imaginable, from healthcare and emergency management to manufacturing and customer service and everything in between.

Improved Staffing Notifications
Every business owner has been in this situation: you receive a call or text from an employee that he or she is going to need to call off sick. Immediately, you need to begin trying to get the shift covered, so you have to start making phone calls and sending out e-mails to find somebody willing to come in. What a hassle! Not to mention, think of all the time you waste when you have to do this. Lost time is lost money, and you might still end up with an understaffed shift.

With One Call Now, you can immediately send out a notification to your employees when you need shift coverage. You can even fill the shift on a subjective, first-come-first-serve basis by having interested employees respond with a certain number or phrase to claim the shift. And you can send messages to your employees’ selected mediums of choice: e-mail, text, or voice.

Reliable Emergency Communication
Emergencies can take place at any business and at any time. If there were to be an emergency situation at your place of business, would you have a reliable and quick way to get ahold of your employees? With One Call Now, you would.

One Call Now’s emergency alert notification service makes it easy for you to be prepared for an emergency at your business, and with just a few clicks of a button, you can send out a company-wide message to your employees. All you need is a reliable Internet connection or a phone with Internet access to send out a message. You can count on One Call Now to have 100% guaranteed uptime, no matter what the situation.

Break Through Language Barriers
Finally, it’s important to understand that language barriers can have a major impact on your business. Being able to communicate with employees who may speak a different language (or even customers) is a must in today’s global economy. With One Call Now, you can enjoy having instant translation completed for you when you send out a notification or message to your employees.

Specifically, One Call Now supports translation to 19 different languages for voice messages and 52 languages for text messages. The end result is better communication with all of your employees and customers, which improves morale and company sentiments.

Maintaining excellent communication becomes increasingly difficult as your business grows, but with One Call Now, it doesn’t have to be that way; you can enjoy easy, effective communication with everybody in your company. Thousands of businesses already rely on One Call Now for their business communications. Will you be next?

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