Donor Fatigue Hampering Your Fundraising? Try Crowdfunding!

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by Lisa Eifert on May 3rd, 2016

Is Crowdfunding the Antidote to Donor Fatigue for Today’s Churches?

Today’s church members are warier than ever when it comes to parting with their hard-earned dollars. So how do you overcome the very real problem of donor fatigue in order to raise funds for your church? The answer may lie in an unconventional yet innovative approach. Crowdfunding. Let’s take a closer look at how to put the power of the people to work for your social and church fundraising.

21st Century Fundraising

Crowdfunding is not as different from traditional fundraising as you might think. In fact, it involves applying many of the same concepts that made traditional fundraising a success to today’s digital world. In what sense? While the advent of computers, the internet and email made conducting fundraising campaigns faster and easier, they lost sight of the vital role of relationships in the process.

Crowdfunding offers a best-of-both-worlds approach: the personal element of traditional fundraising techniques backed by the exponential power of the internet in terms of everything from increased geographic reach to enhanced community building. An added bonus? Crowdfunding is a fun alternative to staler modes of outreach.

Crowdfunding and Churches

While the origins of this game-changing fundraising method may lie in the world of startups and entrepreneurship, crowdfunding has tremendous potential when applied to church fundraising. As it turns out, crowdfunding is far from the exclusive domain of the business world: a full quarter of crowdfunding campaigns pertain to social causes, including churches. And with the total global crowdfunding market predicted to soar as high as $96 billion by the year 2025, churches willing to embrace crowdfunding can expect to see ongoing payoffs.

Crowdfunding for Churches 101

All of which begs the question: how can contemporary churches best harness the power of crowdfunding? It all starts with having the right message.

As the crowdfunding market hurtles toward saturation, a well-executed campaign is a critical part of standing out from the crowd. Successful crowdfunding campaigns are anything but random or happenstance. Rather, they’re the product of research and planning.

Implicit in these plans? Comprehensive communications strategies. After all, people can’t contribute to your campaign if they’re unaware of its existence. Factor in the power of the peer, and getting the word out—and encouraging your constituents to do the same—can lead to a desirable snowballing effect. The more you build a community around your campaign, the better results you can expect to achieve.

Staying Connected

Savvy fundraisers agree: it’s not the first gift that matters, but the second. While conducting a successful crowdfunding campaign is indeed cause for celebration, it’s also far from the end result. Thanking donors and keeping them apprised about the impact of their support isn’t just a nicety, it’s also a strategic imperative for fundraisers with their eyes on meriting future funding.

Whether reaching out to prospective crowdfunding contributors or stewarding donors, communication is an invaluable part of the equation. Enter One Call Now. As a leading group messaging provider offering multimodal communications in the recipient’s choice of text, voice, email or social media, One Call Now ensures that past, present and future contributors to your church crowdfunding campaign have access to the information they need when and how they need it.



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