Best Practices for a Fun, Successful Pool Opening

by Amanda Cupp on May 12th, 2015

Warmer days and a lot of sunshine means it’s almost time to get your community’s pool open, so residents can start enjoying it. Before you do that, though, make sure the pool is really ready to accommodate swimmers. A pool opening can be fun and successful, if you do some prep work beforehand. Otherwise, you run the risk of opening the pool to residents too early, and that can put them at risk for illness or injury. The best way to avoid that is to make sure everything about the pool is in good working condition before it’s officially opened.

Before Opening Day
The filter should be checked and maintenance performed on it. Any grates and screens that protect the filter and the other inner workings of the pool should be solid and shouldn’t have any sharp edges or other problems that could harm residents. The water should be treated and tested until it’s clear and safe. Additionally, the area around the pool also matters. The concrete apron that runs around the outside of the pool should be safe and clean, and the fence should be in good repair, as well. Any steps or ladders into and out of the pool need to work well, be solid and not be slippery.

Celebrate the Pool Opening
Once everything has been prepped for opening day, it’s time to celebrate the actual opening of the pool. You can even have a small party, so residents can swim, have something to eat and enjoy the first official day that they can use the pool. If you’ve done everything before that day and you know the pool is safe and ready to go, the opening of the pool should be a lot more successful. That doesn’t mean there’s no risk — only that you’ve done everything you can to make sure that the risk is as small as possible. Make sure the pool rules are clearly posted and that all residents get a copy of them, for liability and safety reasons. Also, hosting a party is a great way to make a “splash” for new and current residents. Throw a BBQ or a Luau to drive higher attendance for opening day.

Enjoying the Pool All Summer
If you want your residents to enjoy the pool all summer long, you’ll need to make sure it’s maintained during that time. That means more than just chlorine. Your maintenance staff must take care of the quality of the water along with the filtration system and any problems that may come up through normal use of the pool. The safer and cleaner the pool stays, the more your residents will want to use it and the more valuable it will be to them as a perk of living at your community. That can keep residents interested in getting exercise and having fun in the summer and can also help your community become even more popular as the right choice for future residents, as well.

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