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by Lisa Eifert on April 4th, 2016

School newsletters are going out yet again reminding parents to pay their kids’ school fees for the year. They’re due in September… it’s now April and most schools are thousands of dollars short. That’s a lot of money and I’m sure many of the parents who owe fees don’t realize that they’re the ones who need to pay… so they don’t.

I also read online about a Massachusetts school that denied students their lunch if they had a negative lunch card balance. Since this happened, the school has apologized, the lunch service company has apologized, and “it won’t happen again” was spoken a million times… except it will. And now it has… at a school in Utah.

No one is a winner in either case. The school doesn’t have the money it needs to operate, the kids are hungry or not allowed to participate in school activities, and the parents can’t be sure that they know what’s going on… or can they?

Yes, happily they can.

Schools can eliminate the lack of communication, the miscommunication, the vague communication that causes all this angst for LESS than the cost of one school lunch per student. One Call Now’s parent notification solution is able to reach large groups of people at once, just like the newsletter, but instead of wondering if they have a balance, parents only get a call if they do and the balance amount can be noted in the call, text, or email. Questions about the balance? One touch of a button and they can be connected to the school office to discuss it using our Hot Transfer feature.

Additionally, schools can automatically send detailed lunch balance reminder calls to parents when their student’s account dips below a dollar amount. How nice it is to get a reminder call versus what I used to find—a crumpled up note in the bottom of a book bag with a handwritten negative balance on it… in red, of course.

School districts are facing many obstacles in today’s world. Communication doesn’t have to be one of them. Discovering all of the ways One Call Now’s parent notification service can benefit the district—and their parents and staff—goes far beyond snow delay calls and school emergencies. Improving your district’s communication lines, bottom line and lunch line… It’s what we do.

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