So Many Apps, So Little Time

by Amanda Cupp on April 8th, 2014

Look for app-ortunities that make life easier for you and your residents.

I have a friend who’s nuts about apps. He’s always downloading the latest and greatest. Whenever we meet, he tells me about a new one he’s found. The last time we talked, he said, “So many apps, so little time.” That was a comment that stuck.

Apps… all these wonderfully creative little tools. Some are useful. Some are just fun. But for me, the best ones are the apps that save us time.

There are dozens of apps available to help property management. Resident-specific apps would be a big help, too. How do you cut through the clutter to find them?

Think “functions” first… then look for the apps.

Here are three primary functions that provide ample app opportunities for you and your residents:

1. Maintenance Requests. In a recent SatisFacts Research survey, residents reported that the quality of maintenance services is the number one factor influencing resident retention. Number one! You want— you need—to make maintenance requests, scheduling and follow-up easy for you and easy for your residents.

Your property management software may offer an app for residents to use to submit maintenance requests. Maintenance issues don’t always wait until you’re in your office. An automated messaging service like One Call Now offers an app that allows you to communicate with residents and staff anytime, from anywhere. Use it to confirm appointments and satisfaction. My Call Now, an app for message recipients, makes it easy to quickly spot important messages and add appointments to calendars.

2. Payment Processing. Online payment processing is good for your cash flow. Some property management software offers payment processing apps for residents. Use One Call Now to send automatic rent reminders that help keep payments coming in on time.

3. Communications. In the same SatisFacts Research survey, residents ranked the ability to easily communicate with the community staff fourth in nearly 50 items analyzed. One Call Now helps property managers meet the challenge of timely communications with staff and residents. Automated features and free apps make it easier to stay on top of things.

Managing the daily flow of incoming communications is challenging for everyone. My Call Now, a free app for people who receive messages from One Call Now, helps residents and staff manage their incoming messages and their calendars. With My Call Now, recipients can forward messages and receive push notifications—rather than SMS text messages or calls on their smart phones—a great benefit for your residents who have limited data plans.

Time is a valuable commodity. With only so much of it in a day, it’s a struggle to keep up—to get everything done. Hassle-free time savers are always welcome. Make life easier for yourself and your residents with apps that shave minutes off your days and turn multiple steps into just a few taps.

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