Package Notification Services Help Residents, Property Managers Alike

by Lisa Eifert on April 25th, 2016

With almost 20 percent of Americans purchasing something online as often as one to two times a week, packages make up a huge portion of residential mail. While home owners with a front porch have a secure place for postal workers to leave packages, apartment dwellers do not. Tenants who live in apartments and are frustrated with lengthy waits to retrieve their packages from a busy property manager will love the new package notification service from One Call Now. Likewise, property managers will enjoy the ability to seamlessly let renters know that a package is waiting. Learn why you cannot afford to go without this service and how easy is it to use.

Why You Need a Better Solution to Resident Package Delivery

At present, property managers must sort packages and wait for tenants to come by, or call tenants one by one and inform them that a package is waiting. As you know if you’ve done this, individual notification takes a long time. Meanwhile, new packages keep coming and renters are calling you to ask if a particular package has arrived for them.

Online shopping is only projected to rise – by as much as 25 percent over the next 12 months. If you’re tired of spending time on package sorting and delivery now, you can only imagine how much worse this will get. The more time you spend sorting mail and notifying tenants, the less time you have left to tackle the other items on your to-do list.

During a peak period like move-in or the holiday season, packages can pile up and become altogether unmanageable. When tenants are waiting for you to wade through a pile of packages to find theirs, they can become frustrated. In a worst-case scenario, your package problem could make them have a negative opinion of customer service and property management at the apartment. They might even decide to move!

Finally One Call Now has a simple, flexible package notification system that will solve all these pain points at once.

How Our Automated Package Notification System Works

One Call Now lets you send an automated text message to a single tenant or everyone in the apartment building. Imagine having a default text message of “You have a package waiting,” or a saved email or voice message you can use anytime you need to update tenants about packages.

With one simple click, you can send this message to tenants who do have packages, eliminating all the time you spend letting tenants know about their waiting boxes. Because you can choose to send a text message, email, or voice message, you can rest assured that you will reach tenants in their preferred way. You can even ask residents to respond or check who’s received the message and who hasn’t. The One Call Now interface is intuitive, easy to use, and saves time.

Are some of your renters non-native English speakers? No problem! The technology translates your message into their native language, so they understand.

By automating package notifications, you can ensure that packages get picked up quickly, reducing clutter in the property manager office. Tenants will be glad to receive notification instead of needing to remember or calling you, and you’ll be happy that they are happy. Improved communication can boost morale at your apartment community, and even increase the length of stay among residents.

If you’re ready to make your life easier and test out One Call Now in your apartment complex, get started today by requesting pricing or a communication consultation for your apartment complex.
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