Multigeneration Communication Brings Church Members Together

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by Lisa Eifert on April 24th, 2017

Last year at this time Harvey Browne Memorial Presbyterian Church was awarded a grant from One Call Now that allowed them to use our notification platform free of charge for two years. We recently checked in the with church, locted in St. Matthews, Kentucky, to see how it was working out for them.

A year later…

We talked with Kim Cabrera, who is serving as Associate Pastor for Discipleship and Ministry Coordination. Kim told us that they originally applied for the grant because they needed a cost-effective communication tool that appealed to multiple generations. She recognized that they were missing the mark when it came to getting important announcements out to the entire congregation.

A Game Changing Grant Award

The Church currently uses One Call Now for sending texts to its members, and around 135 individuals are enrolled. According to Kim, participation continues to increase as more people learn about One Call Now.  Kim relayed to us that the Church has successfully used One Call Now for alerting members about service changes, events, Sunday school class schedules, and more.

A Platform for the Future

Ms. Cabrera, along with other Church administration members, are so excited about the capabilities presented by One Call Now. “We are an aging congregation,” states Ms. Cabrera. “One Call Now will allow us to reach and connect with younger potential members, and encourage them to be a part of the wonderful ministry we have here. Having improved technology and communications methods will help us connect with people who might never have attended church—or who have left the church and are considering going back to their roots.”

The Church has received positive feedback since implementing One Call Now. But it’s not only the young people who have responded favorably. It has even helped improve communication across generations. “Even members who are in their 90s are saying they want to receive text messages!” exclaims Ms. Cabrera. “Their family members have bought them new cell phones and they love getting messages from us!”

To read the full story of their implementation and use of One Call Now, click the button below.

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