It’s time to start planning and promoting this summer’s VBS!

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by Hillary Bowling on April 8th, 2019

VBS is a more than just fun and games, it requires a lot of planning and promotion.

For most churches, VBS is the largest outreach event of the year. Many new members and families start as VBS attendees. According to Lifeway Facts & Trends, over 2.5 million children enroll in VBS each year. Over 155,000 unchurched families connect with VBS in a single summer.

By now you have probably already chosen your theme, dates and schedule (days or evenings). Now it’s time to start thinking about the number of volunteers you will need and building your communication and promotion plan to drive enrollment.

How will you find volunteers?

  • Start with recruiting last year’s volunteers — ask them to invite friends and family to get involved.
  • Put a sign-up form in your weekly bulletin.
  • Use a notification system such as One Call Now to text, call, or email your congregation for volunteers. The polling, or survey, feature can be used to ask simple questions that they can reply to easily – “Are you able to volunteer for this summer’s VBS?”

Getting kids to VBS is the next big step. Communication and promotion are key steps to ensuring your church reaches as many kids as possible. How will you communicate and promote your VBS?

  • Plan weekly pulpit announcements.
  • Use an outdoor sign to invite newcomers.
  • Add a banner on your website.
  • Add information to your weekly bulletin or newsletter.
  • Leave leaflets with information in pews before the service.
  • Use One Call Now to send automated texts, calls, and email to last year’s attendees and donors. You can use this again to communicate schedules, room assignments, teacher assignments, and any schedule changes that may arise.

Download out eBook, Best Practices for Promoting and Communicating VBS  to make this year’s VBS the most successful yet!

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