Funeral Communication and Coordination

Funeral communication and funeral coordination
by Lisa Eifert on April 28th, 2016

Most church announcements are a joy to share—the youth group is planning a mission trip or the parish capital campaign reached it’s goals. Other annoucements, like the death of a congregant, are not only difficult emotionally, but difficult logistically as well. We hear from many of our church clients that the challenges of funeral announcements and coordination have been minimized with the use of the One Call Now group messaging solution for churches. Since this is such an important topic, we would like to share how our clients use us to help lighten the burden during these difficult times:

  • Time sensitivity. With the One Call Now service, the church can send a message very quickly via phone, text, email or all three, ensuring that members and staff get the time-sensitive information quickly and consistently. In the case of a death, email just isn’t reliable; many members don’t check their email on a regular basis or may miss the email altogether.
  • A voice call is more personal. While it’s not practical to call each congregant individually, a recorded message in the voice of the pastor or other church member is warmer and more personal than text-based communications.
  • It’s easy to ask for help. In times of sorrow it’s important for the church family to pull together. One Call Now makes it simple to recruit members for bereavement meals, memorial services, or to request donations for the deceased’s family. Our polling feature even allows members to respond directly to the message by using their phone keypad. For example, “if you can contribute food for the luncheon, please press one.” This simplifies the process of ensuring care and resources are available when families need them the most.
  • If the church has specific ministries to assist with bereavement activities, a luncheon committee for example, the head of the committee can have their own One Call Now account to use just for their coordination purposes. Their log-in credentials can be set-up to enable them to just send messages to the members of the committee. In this way, no one person is burdened with all of the church messages, and it isn’t necessary to share a log-in (which is never a good idea).

Bereavement is an important part of church community life. Make your outreach fast and easy so everyone can participate and make the family feel loved and supported.

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