Don’t Get “Iggy” with It…

Category - Business
by Amanda Cupp on April 23rd, 2015

Ensure a Solid Communication Strategy to a Avoid Getting a Bad Rap.

Australian rapper, songwriter and model Iggy Azalea is known for doing some pretty outrageous things. But perhaps Azalea’s most outrageous act of all is her recent, widely publicized penchant for rapping about, well, nothing at all. While “Funny or Die” poked fun at Azalea’s not-so-”Fancy” performance, her mangled message does have some takeaways for organizations striving to effectively communicate with their constituents.

Clarity Is Everything
Let’s face it: Iggy Azalea’s brand does not ride on the clarity of her rap lyrics. However, your brand does rely on the clarity of your own communications. Imagine your next team text message or client email with a comprehension level equivalent to Azalea’s now-notorious freestyle failure. While it may seem unlikely, it happens every day: Businesses communicate with consumers in the wrong language, through the wrong channels and with the wrong information.

Not only that, but how can you expect consumers to effectively communicate their own messages to you if you can’t first get your own message through?

Consistency Matters
While consistency may be boring in a rapper, it’s everything for today’s businesses looking to build consumer relationships and bolster their brands. This may be easier said than done when you factor in the size and scope of some organizations, along with the many channels through which they can communicate. An organized, focused and disciplined approach cuts through the clutter to reach your constituents in the most meaningful way.

Iggy Azalea’s chameleon-like behavior is part of her brand and keeps fans on the hook for whatever’s coming next. But would you rely on her to provide a specific product or service? No. Every single piece of your communication — from digital to physical — must be in firm alignment to keep consumers engaged.

While it’s debatable whether there’s room for garbled-up nonsense in the music business, it’s certain that there’s no room for it in the fast-paced world of business communication. Instead, successful constituent communications must factor in both the message itself and its medium. Taking time to define a compelling, consistent approach, along with the best means of delivery, can help you avoid coming off like Azalea rapping about her “toothless bee.” Pull it off, and you’ll be the “realest” in terms of the authenticity and transparency 21st century consumers crave.

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