Attain Amazing Curb Appeal for Your Apartment Community

by Amanda Cupp on April 20th, 2015

Let’s face it – curb appeal isn’t a concept limited to home sales! When you have an apartment community that you want to be more successful, you need to create a warm, welcoming environment that makes prospective residents envision themselves calling home. But how do we do that while still keeping overhead as low as possible? Here are a few great ideas to consider on adding curb appeal without breaking the bank:

  • Add low-maintenance landscaping. Landscaping helps create more green space, giving an apartment more of a home feeling than a business building. If you don’t have enough space to plant in the ground, add large planters with a variety of colorful plants that accentuate your color scheme.
  • Use contrast effectively. Does the front of your building just blend together? Add a contrasting color that still fits in with your color scheme to trim, shutters, doors, and similar areas to help punch up its appeal.
  • Keep it clean and neat. Nobody wants to rent at an apartment where there’s junk lying around and trash being scattered. Likewise, keep your grass and landscaping plants trimmed and looking attractive.
  • Define your walkways. Do people just tromp across the grass to your office? Lay down some pretty stepping stones or put in a walkway that keeps people on the right path and your lawn looking lovely.
  • Add outdoor features. When people live in apartments, they often crave the outdoors. Create outdoor features that encourage your residents to get outside, such as a fire pit, benches, playground, and other community areas.
  • Clearly mark building and apartment numbers. There’s nothing as frustrating for prospective residents as not being able to find their way around. By putting building numbers up that are easily read from a distance, you’ll nip this problem in the bud.
  • Freshen the appearance. If you’ve got peeling or fading exterior paint, fix or repaint it. Are there potholes or places where the lawn is looking worn? Repair, reseal, and restripe the parking lot and replant the lawn. By fixing these kinds of issues, you’re not only adding curb appeal, you’re also showing current and prospective residents that your property is well maintained.
  • Light it up. Many prospective residents do a night-time drive by to see how the property looks at night and ensure that it looks safe. Adding outdoor lighting that provides safety and accentuates your building’s architectural features does a great job of this.
  • Change appearances seasonally. Don’t go completely overboard with lights and tinsel during the holidays, but adding some gentle seasonal touches—such as fresh flowers in the spring, perhaps a few beach-oriented decorations in the summer, scarecrows in the fall, and a nice wreath over the holidays—make a big difference in curb appeal.
  • Detail model and vacant units. When residents move out, there’s cleaning to be done. Make it shine and sparkle. If you’ve got a model unit, decorate it to the tastes of the demographic you’re trying to attract. If you’re encouraging families, create a fun reading corner for children. If professional singles are your area, add a great desk to work from home.

Now that you’ve had the chance to consider some options to increase your building’s curb appeal, put them into action!

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