Weather or Not, Residents Appreciate Notifications

by Amanda Cupp on March 23rd, 2016

No, that was not a typo… Residents of apartment communities appreciate communication from their property managers, especially when it comes to critical information like severe weather alerts. Even for everyday occurrences like maintenance, resident satisfaction tends to increase as communication increases.

Providing residents with a way to respond — and reach a live staff member when necessary — also fosters positive relationships. In all these situations, an automated resident notification system serves as a valuable tool. Here are some common situations in which automated systems can help.

Severe weather
Everyone wants to know about severe weather. Keep an eye out for any weather alerts or warnings such as thunderstorms and flash flooding in the desert, winter storms on the East Coast, and freezing rain in the Pacific Northwest. You can use your automated notification system to let residents know how to avoid weather related annoyances, for example dripping faucets to avoid frozen pipes.

Maintenance announcements
Automatic notification systems can alert your residents about upcoming routine maintenance, like annual appliance checks or carpet cleaning. If you need input on scheduling a time, you can let residents know their options and how to reach you. Once you’ve scheduled with a resident, your automated system sends reminder calls prior to and after the appointment.

New business openings
Alerting residents to the opening of new restaurants and other local businesses is a great service. Sending out business-opening notifications through your automated system supports the local business community and helps busy working people plan their time off effectively.

Public service announcements
You can use your automated system to keep residents abreast of critical local information like water contamination, wildlife issues, and crime alerts. When a potentially dangerous situation occurs in the area, don’t assume residents will find out from local news; alert them, and they’ll thank you.

Community events
If your apartment community schedules social events, you can use your automated system to invite residents. An initial announcement can include all the details, and the system can also send reminders. Even residents who don’t plan to attend may thank you, since they can avoid any noise or inconvenience.

Whether you need to get the word out about weather, maintenance, business openings, important local information, or social events, an automatic resident notification system can keep your residents in the know. In return, you can expect satisfied residents who stay in your community longer.

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