Tornado Preparedness Starts Now

Altered photo of a road leading through fields to a fierce tornado with a lightning and pieces of a home flying
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by Hillary Bowling on March 9th, 2018

As tornado season gets underway it’s time to get prepared.

There was a small outbreak of 10 tornadoes in the Southern United States on January 21st and 22nd. Then there were 44 tornadoes confirmed in the month of February in the US. Although the 2018 season isn’t predicted to be as bad as 2017, there have already been confirmed deaths in 2018 from tornadoes.

Follow these tips from the National Weather Service to be ready for the next tornado outbreak:

  1. Be aware of the weather. This sounds obvious, but a nice day can turn dangerous quickly. Check your local forecast regularly.
  2. Sign up for weather alerts in your area. It is not enough to rely on sirens. Sirens were created to alert people outside. You may not hear them in time if you are indoors.
  3. Create a communications plan. Being able to communicate to residents, staff, students, etc. is imperative. Notifying them when there are warnings and watches issued or alerting them to the safest places in the facility to take cover during a storm can save lives. One Call Now can help you reach out via text, phone call, email, and social media – even when power lines go down.
  4. Practice your plan. Hopefully you never need the plan, and a tornado never strikes your area. But practicing the plan will keep it top of mind just in case. Having a plan that no one knows about or isn’t prepared to implement is dangerous.
  5. Prepare your facility. Identify safe places in advance and use signage.
  6. Prepare others. Remind others that it is tornado season and that there is a plan so that they can be aware of what to do if the unthinkable happens.

Now that you know what you should do to prepare for tornado season, let One Call Now help you with the communication portion of your plan. Start a free trial today to see just how easy it is to message everyone on your list and keep your group safe this storm season!

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