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by Amanda Cupp on March 5th, 2015

Residents of a senior communities may feel left out if they don’t know about all of the activities and events their community has planned. Fortunately, there are ways to keep seniors in the loop when it comes to what’s going on around them. Many communities post flyers and/or send information to residents, but this is not always enough. Everyone communicates differently and some seniors may not receive the information sent to them or may not visit a part of the facility where the flyers are placed. With that in mind, a system to notify everyone via their preferred method is the best choice.

That’s where One Call Now comes in. It’s a group messaging service, but it’s different from the rest. Instead of simply sending out a mass email or making a phone call to everyone on the list, it contacts the seniors in their preferred way, every time. This can be through a cellular or land line phone, social media, email, or text. By making sure each resident gets notified in the way they prefer, there’s a much higher chance that the seniors will receive the notifications in time to attend the event, should they want to.

The quality of life for senior residents is improved when they are kept aware of events and other activities around them. Receiving notifications can help them plan for events they want to attend, meet up with those they want to spend time with, and generally feel included. Living in a senior community can sometimes be isolating; seniors who feel isolated generally have poorer health and lack the rich quality of life enjoyed by those who are more connected.

Residents can be notified of any type of event, once it is scheduled. This means that everything from an announcement of a major, planned event to a reminder that dinner will be served at a particular time can be offered by the service. Seniors who want to participate in events but often struggle with dates or times are excellent candidates for the service, since they will be reminded as the event approaches and will have less chance to forget to attend something they are interested in. Having a feeling of camaraderie with others in the facility can also improve physical and mental health.

No matter what kinds of events your community offers––or how often these events take place––One Call Now can handle the reminders. This will give staff more time to spend with patients and allow residents to interact with one another more frequently, giving them the opportunity to make friends and be more active. Family members of residents can also receive notifications from the service, making it highly useful for day-to-day operations and emergency situations. Communities that use One Call Now wonder what they ever did without it.

To learn more, check out our article, One Call Now, How it Works Guide.

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