A Better Way to Communicate with Residents

by Amanda Cupp on March 9th, 2015

If you’re like most property managers, you’ve developed a method for communicating with your residents. You may not stop to think about how successfully it works. You are probably more concerned with making sure you notify every resident about emergencies, utility outages, or maintenance work that affects the whole community.

Maybe it’s time to think about the way you reach your residents. Look at the things you do to get the message out to every resident in your community. Consider the amount of time you’re spending every time you have something important to share with every resident.

Thanks to the Internet, people can now look for anything from movie schedules to restaurant menus. Many people prefer cyber-shopping to shopping at local stores. Apartment finding websites that reward people for using their referral links give prospective residents an incentive to take advantage of their offers.

Properties need to have websites so would-be renters can look at pictures, find out about amenities, unit prices, and square footage and look at floor plans. They also need a simpler, more efficient way to let residents know about community emergencies or send out routine notices.

The following are the most common ways that property managers communicate with their residents. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Hanging fliers on residents’ doors
  • Manually calling every single resident
  • Putting notices in every mailbox
  • Leaving notices at the entrance to buildings
  • Posting notices where residents go to retrieve mail
  • Posting notices in community laundry facilities

If any of these are currently the way you communicate with your entire residential community, you will find that it is time-consuming and inefficient. There is too great of a margin for human error when you have to walk all over your property grounds or go from door to door in a building.

If you’re typing up notices yourself, you probably aren’t giving your residents much advance notice about important inspections, utility outages, or other inconveniences. You’re not happy about the low-tech, inconvenient way you reach your community, and your old-fashioned, low-tech communication system annoys your residents.

Think about the amount of time you spend posting notices on every door or making phone calls to every resident. How much time does it take you to walk through the property, posting notices, regardless of their importance, in all the common areas so you can be assured that every resident gets the message?

There is an alternative that can save you time, allow you to communicate with far greater efficiency, and give you the convenience of an automated system from which you can get the word out fast. Reach your residents through the methods they prefer, while using a system that’s more convenient for you.

One Call Now’s resident notification system streamlines the way property managers communicate with residents in their communities. This feature-packed system lets you choose the way you send messages. You can customize the system for your convenience, so you reach your residents via their preferred method. A built-in verification response feature lets you know that your residents got the message.

Isn’t it time you start sending important alerts and notices to your residential community in a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way? Click the button below to request more information or to receive a quote for your community.

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