The Pitfalls of Text-Only Communication

Category - General
by Ann Holtzapple on February 21st, 2014

Facebook’s hot off the press acquisition of What’sApp for the hefty sum of $19 billion signals the next step in the evolution of mobile messaging for the masses. After all, text messaging is a simple, convenient way to communicate when you can’t talk, but it should not be relied upon as the sole communication method for your organization. Here are a couple reasons why:

  1. Missed messages – While texting is popular with today’s youth and the millennial generation, the majority of the aging population doesn’t use it. By using text messaging exclusively, you’re excluding those who can’t – or don’t—text.
  2. Misunderstandings – Text messages are limited to 130 characters—shorter than a tweet on Twitter! By forcing your message into text form, you risk losing critical details and the context of your communication
  3. Meaning – Nothing can replace the power of voice and inflection in crafting meaningful communications.

Learn more about the pitfalls of text-only communication, and how to avoid them with a multi-channel communication strategy!

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